27 May 10:00 am - 29 May 10:00 pm
Hey con-loving people out there! Katherine will be a panelist at ConQuest in Kansas City on Memorial Day weekend! This convention is centered around science fiction and fantasy. Come visit for author, artist, and SFF pop culture events, cosplay, dealer’s room, art show, and more! Katherine will be participating in the below panels:

Designing Magical Systems in Worldbuilding
Saturday 10 AM

Worldbuilding is more of an art than a science, especially when
designing a rational magic system. What makes a magic system believable
to the reader? What elements/themes do your favorite magic systems
contain? What types of limits do those systems need to have?

Indie Author Buffet
Saturday 1:30 PM

Not sure what new fiction you might like? Want a literature sampler
platter to try out some new authors? Come check out the Indie Author
Buffet and hear several short readings from multiple authors. You’re
bound to hear something you like!

From Nemesis to Ally/Friend/Lover
Saturday 6:30pm

The transition from enemy to friend (or even lover) has been used
extensively in literature and pop culture. Some examples include Belle &
the Beast, Buffy & Spike, and Batman & Catwoman. How can this tradition
be used without negative predictability to keep the reader/viewer

Visit conquestkc.org for more info and registration!

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