The Hand-me-down Maiden


It’s 1921, and for Guy Barrett, “home” is a suitcase as he jumps from city to city to oversee hotel openings. When he learns that his long-lost parents died and bequeathed him their estate, Guy rushes to the small town of Wakeforest, New York. What he finds is a tacky mansion—a patchwork of architecture from three different centuries—and a young, beautiful caretaker who claims to have lived there for 261 years.
Thomasin Bonnet is more than a simple caretaker. After a miraculous lifetime of caring for generations of Barretts, she is distraught over the death of Guy’s parents, believing the lineage to be at an end. When Guy returns, she is overjoyed, especially when he reveals a fiancée from New York City to carry on the Barrett line.
Thomasin and Guy work together to restore the house, and Guy begins to question his big city life as he is immersed in memories, while Thomasin struggles with her conflicted desires to live her own life, or to accept her growing feelings for Guy that threaten to upend the steady world she has known for centuries.


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